Frequently Asked Questions

Pawn  loans are a quick and easy way to borrow money without going through a  credit check. Loans are based on the value of your collateral, not your  credit rating or pay schedule. A typical pawn loan has term length of 30 days, plus a 30-day grace period.  If you cannot pay back your loan in full, including any applicable  grace period, we offer extensions/renewals to give you extra time. You  may also choose to surrender your collateral as payment in full.

We  loan on a variety of items, including gold and diamond jewelry,  electronics, musical instruments, tools, and more. Simply bring us an  item of value, along with a valid photo ID and we’ll get you money in  minutes after your loan is approved.

If  you are unable to pay back your loan in full on its due date, you can  get an extension on your loan. When extending a loan, you will be  required to pay a portion or full interest owed and will be given a new  due day.

If  you are unable to pay back your loan in full on its due date, you may  get a renewal, if permitted by state law. When renewing a loan,  you pay  the interest that has accrued on your loan in full, and a new loan is  written. The principal loan amount remains the same, as does the  interest rate, but the due date is reset for the full loan term.

The  majority of our customers repay their pawn loans and pick up their  merchandise. If a customer chooses not to repay the loan, the  merchandise/collateral for the loan is forfeited. 

Yes.  All pawnbrokers are required to be licensed by the state of Florida as  well as by the municipal offices and cities that they operate in.

Yes.  We are a family owned and operated pawn shop and therefore are able to  be more flexible with our loans, purchase amounts, finance charges and  terms of your contract.